THE STORY OF BODY UP: How I Lost 20 Pounds In 7 Weeks and Decided That I Had to Teach Everyone How to Do It

People used to tell me: “Move more, eat less.” But, it didn’t matter if I ate 750 calories or 1500, or whether I ate a meal replacement shake or celery for dinner.  I even tried being vegan and gained eight pounds, to the horror and of my anti-meat eating friends.  

I did high intensity aerobic workouts once or twice a day. I’m not talking “Sweatin to the Oldies” here.  I’m talking P-90X Kempo in the morning followed by Plyometrics or Hip Hop Abs in the afternoon.  And as much as I adore Tony Horton (P90-X), and Shawn T (Hip-Hop Abs), and as fun as it was, I was just not losing weight.  

After five years of starving and exhausting myself,  I was 50 years old and had 50 pounds to lose.  When I asked people for advice, they would uncomfortably bite their lips and say, “Yeah, well, your metabolism is slowing down. This is what happens”, as if that was at all helpful. Cyclically, I would give up. Then I would try again. And I kept gaining weight.  I knew in my bones that there had to be a better way but, I just hadn’t found it yet.

When I came across this new bio-hacking info, a light bulb went off. I consumed this info and tried it, and it actually worked.  I lost 11 pounds in 2 weeks, which is nothing short of miraculous since I wasn’t able to shed a pound previously.  I shed another 9 pounds in 5 1/2 weeks.   I was kind of shocked – what you could call “over the moon happy and knocked on my ass with surprise”, all in one shot.  

I went crazy (in a good way and in a way that now benefits you!) and I began experimenting on myself, deliberately gaining and losing the same ten or fifteen pounds over and over to prove that what I was doing worked. And when I was certain it did work, I knew then, without a doubt, that I had to show everyone how to do this for themselves. So, I started BDYUP.

Since November 2016, I’ve been educating myself on the most cutting edge weight loss studies and books by doctors, researchers and bio-hackers who are getting amazing fast and long-term weight loss results with their patients and clients. These doctors/authors include Dr. Jason Fung (The Obesity Code), Dr. Mark Hyman (Eat Fat, Get Thin), Dr. Joseph Mercola (Fat for Fuel), Dr. David Ludwig (Always Hungry), and Dave Asprey (The Bulletproof Diet). 

I’ve combined all the most powerful information from these sources and all my research to bring you The Body Up Weight Loss Revolution. This program focuses on boosting your metabolism and balancing your hormonal system to get your body to burn excess fat, like it’s supposed to.  It also focuses on increasing the healthy bacteria in your gut that will actually make you thinner. Yes, there are bacteria already in your gut that make you gain weight and bacteria that make you lose weight. Eating the right foods will feed the healthy “thin person” bacteria.  Visit the contact page to be added to my mailing list.  

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" Blaming overeating as the cause of weight-gain is like blaming gravity as the cause of death if someone jumps off a roof. It’s certainly a factor but, it would be ridiculous to say it was the cause. Hunger, as you’ll experience, is hormonally driven, and overeating isn’t a conscious decision.

It’s not about willpower."


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