Laurell Eden s a pioneering, whole-health weight loss expert for mind and body.  For over twenty years, she’s coached people to live happier lives with a spiritually minded, whole-person approach to health and personal transformation.  

Since creating the Weight Loss Revolution Program in 2018, she helps people get healthy and shed weight with the same cutting edge scientific techniques she used to supercharge her own metabolism and shed 20 pounds in less than eight weeks. She combines these techniques with a system to completely rewire the mind to desire real, healthy food.   

Laurell’s program is being praised by psychologists as the “total package in weight loss”  because she uses this powerful system to coach the complete person: body, mind and spirit.  

She began her professional career as a successful recording artist and live performer so, the musical and comedic elements she brings to her lectures and programs make them fun.  She may even sing a song or two with a positive message.  Since 2013, she is a radio show host on Awakening Together and ACIM Gather Radio.  

As a recording artist, Laurell had #1 dance hit and certified gold record in Canada with the song For Your Love. She’s appeared on TV networks MuchMusic and MusiquePlus and performed in an episode of the popular HBO Series, The Sopranos, in the role of a singer.   Billboard Magazine called Laurell an “ethereal poet” with a “formidable talent for writing contagious pop hooks”.  Her funny YouTube Video for the song,  “We’re All Still Here”, received over 25,000 views in three days.  Laurell’s producers and collaborators include Grammy winning producer Barry Goldstein and Grammy nominated producer Adrian Harpham. 

For over ten years, Laurell managed and performed in a band that provided live music for high profile events including The NASCAR Awards and The Football Hall of Fame.  She’s had the honor of sharing the bill with legendary performers Paul Simon, Ray Charles, The Pointer Sisters, Frankie Valli and Martha Reeves.  


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