During this program, I show you the exact steps I’ve taken by experimenting on myself,
using cutting edge techniques, by the best bio-hackers and doctors out there right now.
You don’t have to figure it out on your own (and you won’t have to do crazy experiments on yourself like I did)!
I’ve taken out the guesswork and the need to study volumes of info, and I’m bringing it all to you in this 12 week program.
Your investment is $397 (or 6 payments of $71) to get healthy, shed weight and keep it off forever.
The next group class starts January 14th, 2019.
Let’s get you losing weight and feeling great!
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ONLINE VIDEOS:  You’ll typically watch two short videos per week to take you through each new step on your transformation and keep you on track.   

WEEKLY GROUP COACHING CALLS:  You’ll join me and your fellow BDYUP members for a weekly group coaching call, to support you in your transformation.  All calls are recorded, in case you can’t be on the live call. 

INNER GAME HACKS AND MEDITATIONS:  Endorsed by behavioral psychologists, your program includes inner game strategies, tips and tricks, and guided meditations to help you make empowering changes as effortlessly as possible.   


Dear Laurell, I’ve lost 23 lbs. already and have gone from a size 12 to a size 8. I’m not craving sugar anymore and I feel satiated all the time. My brain feels better and my energy is up! Thanks for all you have done for me, and by extension, my husband and baby girl. I am most excited to be setting a good example for her. Much appreciation to you...

Korri O'Connor
Oakland, CA

As an expert in theories of learning and motivation, I can say with certainty that “Weight Loss Revolution” hits all the marks! Laurell Eden’s program works because she addresses the whole client, mentally and physically, and somehow makes it seem light and fun. This program is the total package in the weight loss market.

Dr. Dana Marrocco
Educational Psychologist and Author

I am thrilled with the results. The last time I was under 160 lbs. was about 30 years ago. I have much more energy and I’m a month shy of my 70th birthday. The slow build-up of the program and the education piece have been the most helpful. I am very grateful for the re-education and will recommend it to others. Thank you! Thank you!

Christine DeJardins
Licensed Professional Counselor

I went from size 12 to size 8 in pants, and now those are too big as well. I’m probably a 6! Thank you!

Leephether Mikovitz
Carrolton, GA

And here are my photos...


This is me at the same weight I was before I put myself through my program, in January 2017.    Photo taken Sept 2015.

7 1/2 Weeks After Starting Program

This is me just 7 1/2 weeks after starting my program, 20 lbs. slimmer in March 2017. it’s amazing to see the difference that just 20 lbs makes, isn’t it?  Every pound makes such a big difference when you’re a shrimp like me.  Uh….I mean “height-challenged”.  

So, you see now, with your own eyes, why I am so excited to share this information with you, right? 



A new wave of doctors, researchers and biohackers are revealing groundbreaking information that is completely changing the way we think about weight loss…

Typical diet plans ask you to starve yourself against impossible odds. On these diets, you don’t eat enough food to feel satiated, or for your brain and body to function normally. And you’re expected to endure all the pain that goes along with that. You feel ridiculously hungry, drained of energy, cranky, and have difficulty putting a sentence together correctly in your native language. This brain fog is a real thing, because your brain isn’t getting the fuel it needs. Eventually, even the most determined of us break down and eat the entire tray of mac and cheese or enough mashed potatoes for ten people.

We give up, overeat and binge.

This is an inevitable, natural reaction that diets have on human beings in the real world. It’s inevitable for the simple reason that we are supposed to eat when we are hungry. (Hello!) Conventional diets rarely work and when they do, the results don’t last long.

Unfortunately, it’s common for many of us to keep seeing progressively higher and higher numbers on the scale than before we started this whole insane process, which is way beyond frustrating…

The only time I want to see progressively higher numbers is when I’m sitting at the winning slot machine in Vegas. Seriously, these starvation cycles with little or no success can feel demoralizing, and it’s no wonder why we say, “screw it” and treat ourselves to a nice, big ice cream sundae while binge watching our favorite TV show to shut it all out of our minds.

Although typical diets are rarely successful in helping you to achieve sustained weight loss, they do come with an unconditional guarantee. You’re guaranteed to suffer.

The Weight Loss Revolution program isn’t a diet, because instead of losing weight by depriving yourself of food, you will actually lose weight by eating. You’ll eat when you’re hungry and eat until you feel full so, you won’t have to feel deprived…

You won’t have to count calories or points.

You won’t have to do any rigorous exercise.

You won’t even have to lower your caloric intake.

As unbelievable as it may sound, when you are eating the right types of food, and raising your metabolism, you may actually consume more calories than you do currently, and lose weight. This is a radically different way of thinking about food and weight loss.

The conventional diet rule book tells us to avoid eating foods with a high fat content, even if that food contains healthy fat like avocado and coconut, because as the rule book says, “fat makes you fat”. We’re told to eat small meals throughout the day to keep our metabolism up, even though it’s well documented that devout converts to this “grazing religion” have not been reaching the promised land, (getting to their ideal weight). The diet rule book has even conned us into believing that eating a 300 calorie breakfast of gummy bears is the same as eating a 300 calorie omelet. I’d like to make an announcement. The rule book is wrong!

Our brain and body need healthy fat to function properly. Eating healthy fat helps us to feel satiated for longer periods of time and less likely to overeat later. Fat doesn’t make us fat, but there are definitely certain foods that trigger the body to store fat and not burn it. All calories are not equal. The key to shedding weight without starving is knowing which foods to eat and when to eat them.


We’ve all been there and it’s simply unnecessary. Hunger, as you’ll experience, is hormonally driven, and overeating isn’t a conscious decision. It’s not about willpower. Blaming “overeating” as the cause of weight-gain is like blaming “gravity” as the cause of death if someone jumps off a roof. It’s certainly a factor, but it would be ridiculous to say it was the cause.

The key to losing weight is knowing exactly what to eat and when to eat, to reset your metabolism. As we recalibrate the signals in your body, you’ll realize that many of your “cravings” and “weaknesses” had actually been hormonally driven, and they will simply disappear.

In the BDYUP Weight Loss Revolution 12 Week Program, you’ll shed excess weight and boost your metabolism, naturally and safely without starving. You’ll make small changes every week that will enable your body to burn stored fat, like it’s supposed to. Making changes slowly will allow them to stick. And you will no longer feel ravenous hunger.




  • Shed excess weight and permanently reset your body weight to your ideal weight, without starving   (Yes, you get to eat REAL food like a REAL human!) 
  • Get the real scoop on why you’re ravenously hungry  (Hint, it’s hormones)
  • Improve nutrition for optimal brain and body function
  • Increase your mental and physical energy.  No more midday slumps or brain fog
  • Speed up your metabolism (without supplements you can’t pronounce)
  • Change how you think about food so that you instinctively make healthier food choices
  • Permanently end sugar cravings
  • Improve your skin so it looks more clear, youthful and glowing
  • Stop the vicious dieting roller coaster once and for all

You will not have to count calories or points.  

And… you will NOT have to exercize.

Exactly how you'll be become empowered, healthy and free

Phase 1: Weeks 1 & 2 - "Eat Good Stuff"

  • We’re going to get real, healthy food into your body, before we start eliminating obvious junk food and foods that are causing your body to store excess fat.  We hear a lot of about foods that are fattening or unhealthy, and that is half the issue.  So, Phase 1 of this program is to add healthier food, that along with making you healthier, will actually start the process of your weight loss.  Yes, that’s right… there are foods that make you thinner.   The same types of foods that will deliver vital nutrients; vitamins, minerals and healthy fuel for your body and brain are the same foods that will actually help you to lose weight. 
  • You’ll begin an empowered inner dialogue about food as you take control of your health once and for all 

Phase 2: Weeks 3 & 4 - "Eliminate Bad Stuff"

  • Eliminating unhealthy foods will actually help you to shed weight, and NOT because these foods have a lot of calories.  The foods that make you gain weight are actually making your hungrier, causing more cravings, and slowing down your metabolism.   These are toxic and inflammation-causing foods.  And they’re disturbing the natural signal that should be getting from your stomach to your brain when your stomach is full.  And if we’re not getting that signal, we overeat.  Incredible, right?  

  • Eat delicious, rich and satisfying foods that actually help you to shed weight.
  • Eliminate foods that cause constant hunger, weight gain, inflammation, water retention and hormonal imbalance
  • Shed weight while feeling LESS hungry
  •  Experience an even greater increase in energy and vitality

 Phase 3: Weeks 5 thru 7 – “Fat Burning Mode”

  • Discover the keys to switch on your body’s “Fat Burning Mode”, and finally burn excess fat away, like your body has always been capable of doing.
  • Discover the exact steps to permanently reset your body weight to your ideal weight forever
  • Watch the fat on your waist line melt away as you see improved muscle tone, without exercise.  Yes, I’m serious.
  • Eat yummy foods that specifically feed healthy gut flora, and make you thinner.  Yes, there are unhealthy gut bacteria that make you fat and hungry and healthy gut bacteria that make you thin! 

Phase 4: Weeks 8 & 10 - "Metabolism Supercharge"

  •  Discover the ultimate bio-hack for supercharging your metabolism   
  •  Discover how to get your body to look and feel younger and healthier 

Phase 5: Living BDYUP (Living Body Up)

  • You’ll now have a new, healthy lifestyle, an empowered mind and healthier, slimmer body.  
  • You’ve acquired powerful new tools to keep you feeling awesome for the rest of your life.   
  •  Discover how to reincorporate healthy snacks and even occasional sweets and treats, while continuing to stay thinner and healthier