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🔥  Uncover hidden challenges that are sabotaging your efforts to maintain a healthy weight, such as hormonal imbalances or gut health issues 

🔥  Get re-energized and inspired to take control of your health and well-being, feeling empowered with targeted solutions to prioritize self-care  in your busy life

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Laurell Eden is known as a pioneering, whole-health weight loss coach for mind and body.  For over twenty years, she’s coached people to live happier lives with a whole-person approach to health and personal transformation.  

She’s taught hundreds of people get healthy and lose weight once and for all, using simple hacks that kickstart metabolism. Laurell’s clients use her system to lose up to 30 pounds in the first 10 weeks. They eliminate sugar cravings and brain fog, improve their energy, and have eliminated blood pressure and diabetes medications. (Individual results will, of course, always vary from person to person.)

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The Body Up Weight Loss Revolution Program is a groundbreaking 12 week coaching program for health and weight loss.

It combines cutting edge food hacks that kickstart metabolism and mindset hacks that rewire your brain to desire real, healthy food. 

This proven system has worked for hundreds of people.  The reason it works, on the biological level, is that it helps create a healthy, fat-burning metabolism.  And metabolism, for most people, is the real issue that needs to solved with targeted solutions.   

The power of this fat-burning program is reinforced on the psychological level with proven brain-rewiring techniques.  The program is endorsed by two psychologists and a neuroscientist for its outstanding effectiveness in rewiring your brain to create new healthy eating habits.  Once you’ve re-wired your brain with healthy habits, your go-to routine supports your success, and maintaining a healthy weight practically runs on autopilot.   

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Laurell, I’ve lost 40 lbs. already and have gone from a size 12 to a size 6. I’m not craving sugar anymore and I feel satiated all the time. My brain feels better and my energy is up! Thanks for all you have done for me, and by extension, my husband and baby girl. I am most excited to be setting a good example for her. Much appreciation to you...

Korri O'Connor
Oakland, CA

Dee circle png

I lost 4 inches off my waist in just 12 weeks. The food hacks Laurell gives you to kickstart your metabolism are amazing... and the steps are so easy to follow. Jump in now because Laurell is fantastic. Everyone needs to know about this! !

Dee Collins
Author, Business Coach

I lost 27 pounds and 5 inches on my waist in 10 weeks. After 12 weeks, my doctor told me I no longer had to take metformin, (diabetes medicine). Laurell's program and coaching is unparalelled. Sign up now!

David Levin
Philadelphia, PA

Laurell, you have changed my life. Not only am I in control of my eating habits and my weight but, I now feel in control of my life. I've lost 50 pounds so far. Before the program, I thought I was eating healthy but, my blood sugar continued to climb. Thanks to your program, under the supervision of my M.D., I am now off diabetes medicine! And I no longer have pain from fibromyalgia. Thank you!

Beth Ann Holumn
Madison, Wisconsin

Always seek the advice of your medical professional before beginning any program for weight loss or the improvement of your health.  Results vary from person to person.  Clients who have eliminated medicines have done so under the supervision of their doctor.  For complete terms of service, including medical disclaimer, click here.   

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