Laurell Eden is known as a pioneering, whole-health weight loss coach for mind and body.  For over twenty years, she’s coached people to live happier lives with a whole-person approach to health and personal transformation.  

She’s helped hundreds of people get healthy and lose weight once and for all, using simple hacks that kickstart metabolism. These hacks work because they are based on cutting edge weight loss science that has revealed how weight loss actually happens. Almost all of us have a huge misconception about weight loss, and we are unknowingly sabotaging ourselves from losing weight and keeping it off.

Laurell used the same hacks that she teaches to lose 20 pounds and 2.25 inches on her waist in 7 1/2 weeks. She’s developed a proven system that combines these metabolism hacks with powerful mental reconditioning techniques that rewire the mind to desire real, healthy food.

Clients use this system to lose up to 30 pounds in the first 10 weeks and most continue to lose weight for good. They eliminate sugar cravings and brain fog, improve their energy, and have eliminated blood pressure and diabetes medications. (Individual results will, of course, always vary from person to person.)

Laurell’s program is endorsed by psychologists as “everything you could need in a weight loss program” because this powerful system is designed to coach the complete YOU: body, mind and spirit.

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You'll learn the BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION that everyone has about weight loss that has been keeping you from losing weight and keeping the weight off once and for all. You'll also learn the #1 most effective hack to kickstart your metabolism so, you can start losing weight immediately and begin to lose weight for good.

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Transform Your Body and Your Life With This Cutting Edge Approach To Health And Weight Loss

The Weight Loss Revolution Program

A groundbreaking 12 week coaching program endorsed by psychologists.  A powerful system that combines mindset hacks with nutritional hacks. Rewire your thinking to desire real, healthy food while  learning cutting edge weight loss hacks,  so you can start losing weight for good. 

Designed for the complete YOU: body, mind and spirit.

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